Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Like I don't spend enough time at a keyboard...

I'm plunging into a new world. As though I needed another thing to occupy my time. Well, I do since I am six weeks into an untold number of weeks rehabilitating my left {dominant of course} arm. I can't actively use my left deltoid muscle for another six weeks, among other restrictions.
What's a deltoid? Where is it? I know only because I asked; HS bio was many blue moons ago. The deltoid is located somewhere around/behind the collarbone. It's the primary muscle that makes arms move on command. The doc cut through mine when my 'just a few little holes' surgery turned into 'pinky length slice and two holes' surgery. So I type one handed though I cheat once in awhile now that I've been released from the dreaded sling. That took five weeks.
I lived on mega-doses of controlled narcotics for the first two weeks. I "slept" in a recliner positioned next to our bed for ~2.5 weeks, waking up at least every 2.5 hours. I wore the sling for five weeks - 24/7 except when bathing or showering. I needed help pulling up my underwear and washing my hair for ~2 weeks. It was 2.5 weeks before I was allowed to shower - that's how long the stitches stayed in, plus three extra days for the tiny thread holes to close.
Physical therapists have tortured me since 19 hours after I came out of 3 hr surgery. The torture started w/ 5x/week and now is 3x/week. I PAY $50 for each session; now that sessions take ~1.5 hrs instead of one hour, I get more pain for the buck. The first place rejected me when they realized my insurance wasn't acceptable; I rejected the second place because I has three therapists in as many days - and the place made me think of an old 1950s gym. The third place doesn't accept my insurance either, but I only pay $10 more than m y insurance co-pay. "Only" $10 - who am I kidding? The cost adds up!
I was given permission to drive! Only 6.5 weeks of being the passenger. You'll learn - I don't like always being the passenger. My parents moved here ten years ago when the last child graduated HS and Dad retired. They stated that grandparents make decent taxi drivers, and they've proven it over the years, shuttling three grands everywhere. Now they've added transporting their oldest daughter to the list. DH appreciates their willingness to haul me there and here; he doesn't have to take time off from work.
Oh - I tend to drone on and on and.....