Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bargains and Me - SO not together

Bargain #1:

I want maroon and white M&Ms for the upcoming graduation party. I found 50% off bags at Party City. So I recalled the M&Ms online price ($6/bag), the bulk store price ($6), checked the regular price ($6/bag) and grabbed four bags of maroon, two gray and two black. {What? You didn't know that black and gray make white when mixed? Me neither; there wasn't any white.}

Only ages later did I really think. And recall that yep, the per-SEVEN OUNCE bag price is $6. BUT the local bulk candy store located right on the corner in the center of its adoreable town sells loose single-color M&MS for $6 PER POUND. Oh so stupid.

Six dollars for seven ounces isn't the same as six dollars per pound, is it?

Please do not tell my children. I tell them constantly that the units are important. Sure enough.

Bargain #2:

I read about a LSS [local scrapbooking store] in a news article, so I decided to visit today. I wandered and gathered stuff - stuff I surely do not need. But -- I rattled off my name, and got 10% off my purchases today.

Not much of a bargain. I know.

But -- I will get 30% off my future purchases. Yep, 10% today and 30% in the future. Really.

Now that IS a bargain.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Chain emails AKA "Friendly Spam"

First -- I really get annoyed when people include me on the silly email version of the old fashioned chain letter. "If you don't do this in the specified time period to exactly this many people, you will suffer dire consequences! REALLY!"

Second -- I get quite irate when the sender includes all the addresses in the to or cc field -- hello?? I don't really want my address spread hither and yon. Ever heard of bcc?

Third -- just how difficult is it to remove the umpteen previous message headers and all the VALID email addresses? ok, ok, more people are removing all that crud; I can't recall any recent 'friendly spams' [my term - junk mail from those you know] with more than four 'generations'.

But -- once in awhile, I learn interesting bits of info. Such as an email address of an unpleasant person. Just how many people have the audacity to hope? oh, sorry, got sidetracked there... the audacity to use "dear" in their address?

gag. gack. excuse me; I need to find a bucket.
and yes, I sometimes enjoy sharing my disgust or pain with friends. aren't you lucky?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Rain on my tents

If you camp during a torrential downpour, you'll get wet.
The rain is that fast and furious.
And it will be during the night; never during the day.

If you drag all the wet sleeping bags and clothes and stuff to the nearest laundromat with dryers - yea, that would be any laundromat, huh? -- remember to
1) check the pockets and the inside of sleeping bags for laffee taffee.
2) check ALL the dryers before leaving the laundromat.

If you forget #1, some things are going to be sticky-icky.
If you forget #2, grousing at the kids that the sweatshirts must be SOMEWHERE won't change the fact that you umm, sorta forgot a load at the laundromat. So while they are somewhere, it's nowhere nearby.

When you realize #2, your 2 yr old DD will cry and forever have abandoment issues because you slam yourself into the car and race to the laundromat, reaching the door with one minute to closing. With an all teen-aged crew, you know that door was almost locked.

just sayin'. Five wet tents, two semi-dry ones, and 20+ 9 - 12 yr old girls. Oh, and one freaked out 2 yr old. Twenty years ago.