Sunday, February 20, 2011

Where HAVE I been?

MIA. Or maybe MII - missing in inaction?

Time files, no matter what we do. August 2009 was long ago... It's March 2011. Already.
Thinking back to August 2009, here are the big events that come to mind:
Sons started and finished their junior year of high school. Both got their provisional driver's licenses, and exchanged them a year later for their regular licenses.
I traded in my beloved Mustang convertible for a used Explorer and a new Focus. The week they got their provisional licenses. sigh. oh - and two car payments, though one is a 0% loan.
Daughter started a real job April 1, 2010.
I was laid off May 4, 2010.
Daughter's roommate moved in with us for six weeks while they found an apartment. It was nice having them here; it was nice having them move ~30 mins away!

The reality that my sons were starting their final year of high school hit like a ton of bricks. OUCH. Suddenly I was morphing into 'one of those' moms: the tears; the fears; the drama; the changes! they'll be g-o-n-e..... in another year, lady. Get a GRIP.
After several attempts to get a grip failed, I decided I needed something to help me cope.
Project Life to the rescue! Love this product. I have written a moment from each day and taken a photo or gathered receipts or menus or something for SIX MONTHS already! Never thought that would happen. With only 4" x 3" to fill, it's easy. And I'm capturing all those last time we'll.... moments and those seniors-only events. Did you know they order caps and gowns in OCTOBER?? No advance warning. Geez, does Josten's want some high school kid's parent(s) to have heart attacks?

So I plan to become a more faithful blogger.
Really. Check back later this week.