Friday, March 27, 2009

Brokendown rental car - a tale from long ago

A friend had problems recently with her rental car, which reminded me of this tale from over a decade ago...
For my FIL's memorial service, we rented a car. One morning, the car wouldn't start when we were in the hotel parking lot.
Destination: Church.
Contents of car: three squirmy children and two exasperated adults - and that was before the car rebelled.
  • DH got the car started, and after some back and forth about
    calling the rental place,
  • needing to use the phone in the room,
  • and - the last straw -
  • DH proclaiming that he could drive the car but that would damage something -
we finally headed for the Church. On the way, I used the oh-so-cumbersome mobile phone installed in the car. (Once upon a time, it was considered a small car phone...)

I told rental dude the story, and got the line about bringing it to the airport location for exchange.

Umm, no. We're headed to a funeral. How about sending someone with a new car for us?
..... I'm sure you can do that for us.
..... Here's the address. Car must arrive during this 30 min window.
.....I'm sure you can figure out how to arrange that.
.....No, I can't give you a phone number. We're going to be inside a Church [mentally: ya know, the one for which I just gave you the address???].

We were a bit late. The %$^&^ priest was walking out of the sacristy to start the Mass -- while the widow and the deceased two children and their spouses and offspring were still standing at the back of the Church. (He was a jerk in many ways.)

When we exited the Church, the car was still sitting there. sigh. Just then, a tow truck with a car on its flatbed pulled up. Timing perfect, the guy handed us the keys to the replacement, we handed him the dud's keys, we moved two car seats and all other kid-stuff to the new car....
The rest of the family and friends were shocked.
And that's my rental car breakdown story.

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