Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mother Nature Misbehaving... AGAIN

Home, sweet home
on a bright sunshiny summer day.
Much UNlike today.

They already cancelled school. At 9:00 pm the night before. This storm better dump at least 12" of snow on us or I am going to be really pissed.
Like I can do anything about the amount of snow. Or being pissed changes anything.

Yeah, I guess this falls under the heading "out of my control". Sigh. I do remember the days when snowstorms were always fun and thrilling and exciting. I should; it's only been recently that I don't appreciate them.
But when the student who is failing to do his homework is overly enthusiastic about a day off, well... I can be excused for being aggravated at Mother Nature. I think so, anyway.

Something like this is in store for us.
When we wake up for work.

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