Friday, April 24, 2009

A tale of unhelpful help...

So, I needed to get my yogurt and wanted another cup of tea. But I had to play queen first. I left my mug w/ tea bag on the break room [makes it sound so grant… it’s just an office] table. When I came back, my mug was gone. Ok, I know I can be forgetful, but I knew I’d put my mug on that table.
I walked down to my office, hoping to find my mug. My lights were out, so that meant nobody had been there in awhile [motion sensors]. Yup, there was my mug, sitting on my table. I know the walk between my office and the break room isn’t long. It’s just aggravating to know that someone felt they had to return my mug, instead of leaving it where it was.

And that’s my tale of unhelpful help.

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