Thursday, May 14, 2009

Rain on my tents

If you camp during a torrential downpour, you'll get wet.
The rain is that fast and furious.
And it will be during the night; never during the day.

If you drag all the wet sleeping bags and clothes and stuff to the nearest laundromat with dryers - yea, that would be any laundromat, huh? -- remember to
1) check the pockets and the inside of sleeping bags for laffee taffee.
2) check ALL the dryers before leaving the laundromat.

If you forget #1, some things are going to be sticky-icky.
If you forget #2, grousing at the kids that the sweatshirts must be SOMEWHERE won't change the fact that you umm, sorta forgot a load at the laundromat. So while they are somewhere, it's nowhere nearby.

When you realize #2, your 2 yr old DD will cry and forever have abandoment issues because you slam yourself into the car and race to the laundromat, reaching the door with one minute to closing. With an all teen-aged crew, you know that door was almost locked.

just sayin'. Five wet tents, two semi-dry ones, and 20+ 9 - 12 yr old girls. Oh, and one freaked out 2 yr old. Twenty years ago.

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