Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My daughter called to remind me...

... that my driver's license was expired.

Duh. It's been a frequent discussion topic. It expired May 31. We have not one but TWO teens with permits. Every time I tag along as the licensed driver, SOMEONE mentions the expired status of my license.

So... DD called last night. She said, "Hey Mom. I just got pulled over by a cop. He told me to remind you that your driver's license is expired."

She swears she was going 29 in a 25 - on a road notorious for the frequent presence of police officers. I don't even speed on that road; that means I keep it at 30 or less. So I believe her.

The officer approached the car, and said, "This is your mother's car, isn't it?" [yes] "Well, tell your mother her license is expired."

um, thankyouverymuch officer.

Yes, I renewed my license today. It took about 20 minutes to gather the required 6 points of acceptable identification AND a proper proof of address. I grabbed my Mustang registration form, due this month - it was sent by the state government in the last six months. Well, they assumed I was taking care of that too -- so, one line, two transactions! woohoo.

Now I have to remember to get the car inspected in August. Wish me luck. A few years ago, I thought I was getting it inspected two months late. Um, no - it was fourteen months overdue. I like skipping a year - but it does make it harder to remember when inspections are due!

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