Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I've got Stealth Technology!

A friend just got a speeding ticket on her way to work; day six of a new job. Hearing this made me stop and think.

I have a sparkling shiny clean record. Really. Laugh if you wish, but this habitual speeder has a pristine record.

I have an invisibility shield!Really.How else do you explain driving a Mustang or a flame red SUV w/o getting stopped??

I have not been pulled over in more than TEN YEARS.(that's a l-o-n-g time, says the woman whose two youngest JUST got their permits....)
I didn't get a ticket either of the last two times I was stopped. Most recently [ha! 1998] I got a ticket for 'failing to promptly show registration on request' - after HE rushed away.

Duh, that was the ploy so if I had a clean record, he didn't have to write me up for speeding. Not that I cared too much - out of state, no reciprocal agreement and all that jazz. But the fine was lower - low enough I didn't have to report it at work...
{That photo up there? That's the view through my Mustang's dirty windshield.}

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