Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bargains and Me - SO not together

Bargain #1:

I want maroon and white M&Ms for the upcoming graduation party. I found 50% off bags at Party City. So I recalled the M&Ms online price ($6/bag), the bulk store price ($6), checked the regular price ($6/bag) and grabbed four bags of maroon, two gray and two black. {What? You didn't know that black and gray make white when mixed? Me neither; there wasn't any white.}

Only ages later did I really think. And recall that yep, the per-SEVEN OUNCE bag price is $6. BUT the local bulk candy store located right on the corner in the center of its adoreable town sells loose single-color M&MS for $6 PER POUND. Oh so stupid.

Six dollars for seven ounces isn't the same as six dollars per pound, is it?

Please do not tell my children. I tell them constantly that the units are important. Sure enough.

Bargain #2:

I read about a LSS [local scrapbooking store] in a news article, so I decided to visit today. I wandered and gathered stuff - stuff I surely do not need. But -- I rattled off my name, and got 10% off my purchases today.

Not much of a bargain. I know.

But -- I will get 30% off my future purchases. Yep, 10% today and 30% in the future. Really.

Now that IS a bargain.

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