Saturday, October 18, 2008

An Interesting, Unexpected Day

I know I haven't mentioned anything about the wedding; I promise I will - soon. I've been busy; I even went back to work. sigh.
This morning, I was eating my dessert AKA choc chip waffle breakfast when the phone rang. A Girl Scout staff member I know well said that there was a council meeting nearby and they didn't have a quorum. Would I be able to come save the day?

I was planning to make some moves in my Craft Studio. That's like saying I was going to clean. My allergies were twitching; I am allergic to cleaning. It may be mental, but all the same... cleaning. Yuck.

I said yes, and sat with BFF and some others I know. All in all, it took 90 mins from when the voting was supposed to start until a quorum was present. I must say I'm glad arrived late; that was a long wait.

I assumed I would merely be a vote; I would keep quiet. r-i-g-h-t. The voting involved amendments to the by-laws. By-law writing is an arcane art; BTDT. Those immersed in precisely wording by-laws start speaking some odd dialect, unintelligible to those outside the ropes. Several times, members asked questions - and I knew the answers weren't being understood.

I finally gave up and translated between by-lawese and standard English. We were supposed to state our names before speaking, but I didn't. As I sat down, I remarked that those I know who hadn't seen me knew I was there now. As soon as I said that, I was lovingly attacked with a hug. One of my favorite board members had rushed over as soon as she heard me!

When the meeting was over, several others came over to talk. Our former council CEO said I did a good job. Two officers asked me why I hadn't been doing anything lately. When I said I hadn't been asked, they said they'd change that. The strangest part, for me, is that I was just thinking last week that I wanted to become more involved again. We'll see....

My DD's godmother, the mother of my three godchildren, came up to me too. She works as the council store manager, and she's a leader. We ended up talking for almost two hours, going from the room to the foyer to outside. It was really nice to catch up. Our families haven't gotten together in over a decade, ever since my DSs kept commenting outloud on her kids' behavior. We have very different parenting styles, but I think with the youngest three turning 16 we may be able to try again.

All in all, it was an interesting, completely unexpected day!

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