Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Pandemonium du Wedding Begins

My Dlilsis is getting married Friday evening. Everyone except my family and my parents live out of state. We've got people flying in by plane and by car. Mayhem is to be avoided, but pandemonium is a certainty.
My schedule through Sunday:
  • Make Sat dinner reservations
  • Order sheet cake for Sat dessert
  • Go out w/ DB2, 16 yr old nephew, my DSs and possibly 2 yr old nephew. Tasks: get tuxes, buy khaki pants for the 16 yrolds.
  • Do some cleaning - giggle. straightening and 2 yr old proofing MAY get done.
  • Get DD to nail place; maybe DSIL will be going.
  • Get ring, etc cleaned.
  • Try to find my reading for wedding one last time.
  • Figure out rehearsal attire, make sure wedding outfit fits.
  • DH has to pick up suit - 3rd attempt. Turns out he can't wear double vented jackets so they're removig the vents tomorrow.
  • Find time to visit with friend {lilsis' boss}
  • Rehearsal is 6:30 IIRC.
  • Dinner is 7:30.
  • Set VCR for CSI!
  • Come home whenever dinner is over.

  • Be at hair salon by 12:15 with DSILs for hair care.
    (Hopefully check out DD's marcel waves if our paths cross.)
  • GET GAS at the cheapo place near the salon.
  • Home ~2pm.
  • Feed the gang: 7 of 8 grands, 3 moms, 1 DH.
  • Get everyone dressed - DH gets to tie four ties!
  • Put clips in boxwood girls' hair.
  • Get moms moving; as DS1 said, we're the slow ones.
  • Take photos of the three ushers and three boxwood girls and three moms - oh and one 2 yr old and one DH too.
  • Leave by 3:45 for church; family photos.
  • Wedding at 5pm.
  • MORE photos - why?
  • Reception until 11 pm.
  • If someone wants to gather afterwards, it isn't going to be HERE.
  • DD has dentist appt at 8:45am; she must have a really sore tooth!
  • Brunch at my parents' starts at 10am. {MORE people than their 50th anniv party last year!}
  • DD thought she had to dress nicely. I told her I was wearing jeans. she was aghast - until I told her the next agenda item:
  • Wander a local downtown Autumn Day and make a scarecrow with the kids.
  • Car show there and at a local airport.
  • Find time to pick up cake.
  • five of us - out to dinner for our anniv
  • Everyone - immediate family, sibs, etc - at our house for cake, for anniversary.
  • recover?!

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