Friday, October 31, 2008

Hallowe'en Past

Late on Hallowe'en night
With a full moon bright
She sits and taps
Foot and keys
Thoughts wander, crash, careen
Trying to be heard, be seen
"Make sense of us
Catch us if you can"
(are they the gingerbread men?)
So catch them she shall
And maybe
The telling will be the reality
And the threads will weave fabric
And then, maybe not
The day - costumes to be ironed
(Do that the night before? nah)
One to be shortened - how'd that happen?
Takes the scissors
Fails to check
Cuts the legs - no going back now
And then sees - the waist is at the butt!
Luckily the top is long
And she's a safety-pin hoarder
Races to the parade
Police officer in sight -
AARRGGH, no reminders today!
Finds the ninjas, her sons
Plants kisses and runs
To work, to here,
to lists of calls
The furniture repair, the eye doctor, the dentist, the friend
My oldest needed striped hair
Green, Blue, Pink
Glitter makeup
And plans with friends
Needed a ride
Came home to hand out treats
So fun - it's been so long
Since I didn't take the kids
And thought
Who says our youth are rude, bad, up-to-no-good?
From every child
"Please/Trick or Treat/Thank you/Happy Hallowe'en"
Rang through the air
"You may take two."
"Oh thank you!"
Many exclaimed how wonderful
The candle-lit pumpkins looked
Five perched on the bench:
Three ghosts on a white pumpkin - no paint!
A Cat on a limb
A scary jack
And the flow turned to a trickle
And then there were none
Good night, Hallowe'en
Good night, moon
Good night, Storyland

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