Tuesday, October 21, 2008

SWAPs and photos

I've participated in two complete Circle Journals.

What are Circle Journals? Check out this link: http://www.pagesoftheheart.net/artman/publish/article_923.shtml
Themed Albums - A Closer Look At Circle Journals
By Charity Hassel

We're taking a breather - or really, we're waiting for someone to make a color copy of each CJ for everyone, and get the copies bound at Staples. But that someone was out of work for 18 weeks, nursing her post-surgery shoulder back to health. Yeah, that someone would be *me*.
Anyway, someone suggested we do monthly SWAPs. We had several people too timid to do the CJs join us, which is fun. So far, we've completed four. Here are mine:

#1 Funny quote

#2 Favorite Wizard of Oz quote

#3 Halloween ghostie

#4 Thanksgiving gratitude bookmark

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