Thursday, October 9, 2008

Introducing the BOXWOOD girls...

Take three girls, two 9 yrs old and one 6 yrs old.
Ask them to be flower girls in their aunt's wedding.
Send the dress to each 9 yr old to verify the size.
It's a frothy candlight white confection, with the requisite full skirt, slightly puffy sleeves, tiny bit of ruffles - and an added magenta sash to match the big girls' sashes.
So, yes, it's a real PRINCESS dress!
(Enjoy the oohs and ahhs as each declares she feels just like a princess)
Now, these girls are flower girls.
You know what a flower is.
I know what a flower is.
The moms know what a flower is.
And the girls know what a flower is.
And we know the job of every flower girl:
Oh, no? Ok.
To walk down the aisle with some flowers dangling awkwardly.
Yup, flowers for flower girls.
So - what did my Dlilsis the bride choose for the walking floral arrangements?
The big girls will have round ball-shaped bouquets, each one a single different magenta flower with the same filler greens and berries.
(Roses, gerber daisies, astoemeria, carnations, hydrangeas)
The little girls?
The FLOWER girls?
Oh, why give them flowers?
How about:
Balls of boxwood, with ribbon loops to hold them?
Nary a flower to hold.
So, I've been calling them boxwood girls.
- My sons heard me and have been threatened with an early demise if they dare say that to anyone!
I'm betting with myself:
Which boxwood girl comments or complains first?
(Really -- How can you be a flower girl without flowers??)
Which son will say 'boxwood girl' outloud first - and who will hear him?

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