Thursday, October 9, 2008

TODAY was the day... 25 years and counting

On this day twenty-five years ago, I married my love in St Louis, MO. We've been blessed with a good life so far - and I pray that our good fortune continues.
What happened today?
  • DH went to work,
  • I don't know where the hours went.
  • DD got sick at work, so she hopped an earlier train.
  • I picked her up after scrambling to take a shower, get dressed, eat -- all after 2:30 pm. sigh.
  • DH had filet mignon thawing for dinner.
  • We decided to go to Ruby Tuesday/
  • DS1 never likes sudden plans so he grumped.
  • DH & I realized we didn't want to go out so we ordered Italian.
  • They screwed up one item - shrimp with butter/garlic sauce instead of clams & shrimp with rosa cream sauce.
  • I called, they sent the right thing.
  • DH picked up his new suit for the wedding.
  • NOT, he can't wear double side vent jackets so now they're removing the vents.
  • We watched TV.
  • He went to bed.
  • I'm following.

  • I got a 5 diamond 'journey' pendant on a gold chain.
  • DH got a plaque with a folk art castle and the saying 'they lived happily ever after'; I bought it at MOA, MN in May.
  • We got a Waterford votive holder and PF Chang gift card from my parents.
And there you have it, folks: Proof that life goes on just like usual when a big milestone is in the middle of the week, especially two days before a sibling's wedding.
Woohoo, aren't WE the exciting couple??
Wouldn't you like to know?

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