Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Cell Plans and Nav by Mom

Our Verizon family share plan has 700 minutes, with free weekend and evenings and Verizon-to-Verizon and gee,what minutes do count? Our average with my chatty Mom and my COLLEGE senior daughter has been 400 minutes/month; I'm ignoring the meager quantity of minutes used by the guys (DH, DS1 & DS2).

I just added two lines for the two HS sophomores. And I increased text messages to "unlimited" - our daughter has been blowing through that limit for two months. We could have fixed that; Verizon DID call and text her phone; she DID tell us. But, ummm, I forgot to change our plan... oops.

I refused to add the extras like web connection; sigh - that means *I* get the random navigation calls.
"Mom, could you find someplace for us to eat?"
"Aren't you in SAN FRANCISCO?"
"Yea, but..."
Yea but they couldn't understand the desk clerk's accent, they didn't see any place, and I had to say "STOP MOVING!"

New rule: when you have Mom hunting down random places to eat, do not continue to walk. You will always be walking AWAY from the place Mom just found. Just like an open PB&J sandwich will land PB&J side down. Really.

Yes a rule is needed; I've googled many random things over the last three years for my daughter. What WOULD she do if I wasn't near a computer most of the time??

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