Friday, September 12, 2008

My Role as a Villager

I was reminded 'it takes a village' today. I went for an xray appt. While I waited, a young 30s guy was told his appt was cancelled because he had his baby son. The worker was robotic as she told him that there had to be a responsible adult to watch the baby.
Do you want to reschedule for evening? - "I work nights", weekend? - "I work".
When are you going to reschedule this? gee - those listening knew he had no clue! I wanted to say I'd watch the baby, but I had an appt too. What were we going to do? Pass him between waiting patients? sigh.

Dejected, he left, pushing the stroller. I was next. Uh oh; my appt is for tomorrow, Friday; and she had no idea how long I'd wait if I just stayed. ICK.
I walked out quickly, debating with myself. Dad was just getting in the car. I offered to watch the baby, assuring him that I wouldn't mind. His smile was worth it!

I had so much fun watching this adorable 14 month old boy! He sat on my lap, just looking at everything that moved or made a sound. Dad was taken in right away for his xray; baby watched him go through the door. I thought "Oh no, here it comes. He's going to run for the door or cry." Nope.
Finally he got down, and looked at an old magazine, with Shiloh Jolie/Pitt on the cover. I asked him where the baby was, and he pointed at each photo. He figured out how to run a circle around the chairs, turned a trunk into a drum, and smiled at everyone. Thankfully, those waiting were older grandparents, and they smiled at his antics. There was plenty of space, which also helped.
When Dad returned, baby looked at him like "oh there you are!" Dad was so thankful, I don't think he believed me when I said I enjoyed it.

I guess I was supposed to be there this morning. I saw and heard the bells ring at Ground Zero to mark the first plane crash. The GMA show cut away and/or I stopped noticing. Seven years later, I spent that horrible first hour with living proof that the world will go on: a sweet innocent baby boy.
I am so glad I screwed up my xray appt date. I am grateful I was the helpful villager.

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Jen said...

Ahh, you done good!

Although, I'd never in a million years have left my child in the waiting room with a complete stranger!