Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Gas, Flag Football, and Migraines

I planned to run a loop of errands
But the 94 F temperature and high humidity changed my mind.
Monday...I planned to stop at the cheap gas place after physical therapy.
But I forgot, was in the wrong lane, and whizzed past.
Monday evening...
DH coaches and DSs play flag football; games are on Monday nights. Last week's game was a slaughter - our team won by some awfully lopsided score. I hoped they wouldn't repeat the same thing this week.

The phone rang about 30 mins into the game. [You didn't think *I* watched flag football, did you? You'd be mistaken.] It was DS2 asking me to pick him up; he was getting a migraine.
Strangely DH AKA Coach didn't have motrin with him. I swear the man ALWAYS has OTC drugs in his pocket...
Can you guess where this is headed?
I grabbed my keys, purse, motrin, water, and empty plastic bag and jumped in the Edge.
That would be the Edge I intended to fill with gas.
On Sunday.
On Monday.
Almost to the field, I realized the handy-dandy OMG display read "6 miles to E".
... where is the nearest gas station?
... will I make it from the field to the station?
... what will DS2 say when I announce our stop?
... why didn't I take the Mustang - the car with a full tank?
... now I'm going to have to switch vehicles. (Do you get migraines? The smell of gas is totally to be avoided. Trust me.)
DS2 was waiting at the parking lot.
DH? He was the width of four football fields away.
On the opposite side of the field.
He finally heard me.
Umm, dear, I need your keys. Here are my keys.
I could see the brain s-l-o-w-l-y move from football strategy to "keys??"
Yea, umm, I haven't gotten gas in the Edge.
It's oh, maybe 4 miles to empty.
Would you get some gas in it on your way home?
I'm taking DS2 home.
Yea, that's how his seat unreclined, his rearview mirror moved - and the same happened to mine. That's a big annoyance in our marriage. Rather trivial to be big, huh?
If I still kept keys for every vehicle on my key ring, I wouldn't have had to speed-walk.
I would have simply called him and told him I tossed the Edge keys in the console and DS1 knows the lock combo.
But I put my purse on a diet.
So I got a bit of exercise.
The migraine child?
He took motrin, stayed downstairs until DH and DS1 came home, heard the score and went to his room when DH grabbed the TV remote. He must be ok; he went to school.
The game?
Slaughtered. Same lopsided score as last week. This time, our team lost.
The weather?

Yesterday it was high 80s, humid, and oppressive.
Today, it's 67 F, dry, and light.
I should have known; DS2's migraines are turning into weather predictors, poor child.

The Edge?
Got $20 worth of gas.
Still needs more.
And gas has gone up ~$0.25/gal since the gauge hit E.

Never pays.

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