Thursday, September 18, 2008

Today was absolutely gorgeous.
Bright sunshine, a brisk breeze, and cool temperatures.
It wasn't sweater weather yet, but the summer heat was gone.
Perfect day to eat in the park!
But I wanted company.
When you work FT, you don't know many stay at home people.
But my parents are retired!
Ah-Ha, I asked my parents to join me.
They agreed.
Mom even offered to drive since she needed gas.
I slogged through my shoulder exercises,
dressed, and
got downstairs just as they arrived.
I intended to grab a tablecloth
- a little formality for the casual setting
- something new for the park tables
But I forgot.
Imagine that.
WaWa for lunch - salads for the ladies, a hoagie for Dad.
Mom had packed soda, cups, ice, and a tablecloth!
You can imagine my surprise!
We've eaten in the park before.
Never thought about a tablecloth.
both of us had the same thought.
Of course, Mom remembered
and I didn't.
Go figure.
Lunch was great - soft breezes, nice conversation
Mom and I talked about fastening bras behind your back
when your shoulder just won't cooperate.
That was the end as Dad protested the topic.
Like he doesn't know what we were talking about!
You can try to claim innocence, Dad, but I'm on to you.

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