Sunday, September 7, 2008

Shopping Bags - The Trash of Life

There are bags everywhere.
A LensCrafters bag sat by my nightstand.
The DSW bag was lurking under a chair.
Coldwater Creek and Target bags were perched on the ironing board.
I hadn't even left my bedroom!

Awhile ago, a friend gave me a 4" x 6" photo album that looks like a cute purse, handles and magnetic clasp included.

Smash! What about taking photos of every single store bag I found, and put the bags in the 'bag'?

Sounded good to me.
Off I went, gathering bags from nooks and crannies and the recycle stash.
All in all, I found twenty-one unique bags.
TWENTY-ONE different stores, advertising themselves in my home.
Sad thing was, I could think of quite a few more stores we patronize.

Once I took the photos, I decided to edit them.
Once I edited them, I decided to scrapbook them.
Since when is 'scrapbook' a verb?
Why can't I think of a better term?
Once I scrapped them, I decided to scan them.
Once I scanned them, I decided to upload them.

I'm hoping you get to see a cute slideshow.

If not, I'll be editing until
I succeed!
I quit.

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Jen said...

The idea sounds really cute!