Friday, September 19, 2008

Some Flotsam

Since it was amazingly gorgeous, I decided to walk from the physical therapist's office to Starbucks.
The intersection is really busy, so I actually waited for the 'walk' sign; {very odd of me}.
I stepped off the curb just before the sign changed to 'walk'.
One last SUV turned left on the yellow arrow.
The 20-something driver leaned towards me
and shouted through his open window
(what do you think he shouted?)
He shouted, "I'm sorry!"
I almost fainted. On the street. Immediately.
Did he just apologize for turning on a yellow light?
Yes, he did.
When I entered Starbucks, a mother and two 7 - 8 yr old girls were in front of me.
{{Ever watch two little girls decide what to have?
I just knew I was in for a l-o-n-g wait.}}
They gazed at all the pastry options
- and rather quickly made their decisions. woo-hoo!
MOM took longer!
As she said, "I'm not familiar with ordering in Starbucks."
I was still smiling from my unexpected apology.
When my mocha was ready, so was the mom's misto.
I grabbed both and gave mom hers as I headed out the door.
She gave me a big smile!
Pass on the nice little acts of the day...
and smile even more.
Oops - as I sipped my mocha, I realized
My mocha wasn't.
{{Have I mentioned I really dislike straight coffee?
It sends shivers down my spine.}}
Sigh. I went back inside -
only to find the mom at the pick up counter.
I asked her if her misto was really chocolatey.
"Yes! Do you have my misto?"
"Yes I do. I'm sorry. I must have mixed them up."
"Oh that's ok. I only took one sip. If you don't care, why don't we swap lids?"
{{OMG. Did I just hear the mom right?
Did she just suggest something sensible?
Something that avoided tossing two drinks down the drain?
Something that shows she's not a germophobe?}}
"That's fine with me."
We swapped lids, sipped, and smiled.
It was a two-fer day!
I'm still smiling as I type.
ah - nice

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