Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Weekend

Saturday and Sunday were, well, Saturday and Sunday.
Nothing special, really.
Breakfast: French toast and sausage Saturday and pancakes and bacon Sunday.
Lunch? what's that?
Dinner: hot dog Saturday and meatloaf with noodles [ick; potatoes were rotten] Sunday.
more cookies than I'm willing to admit.
I never left the house on Saturday.
So Sunday I HAD to get out.
Ready to snooze?
I went to:
  • Starbucks for a grande no-fat no-whip mocha and no lemon pound cake - go me
  • Staples to get my corporate discount and Staple Rewards;
    the network was dead last Sunday when I bought things.
  • Staples again {{I didn't even get to the car!}}
    for something to hold 6 x 6 and 8 x 8 paper pads upright
  • Borders for "any magazine with an article about biology" for DS1.
    {{Luckily Scientific American has a special issue on cancer available.
    Science is NOT a popular magazine focus, let me tell ya.}}
    -- I also bought
    Arts & Crafts Homes, American Bungalow,
    {{and my favorite style of architecture and home decor is??}}
    Cloth, Paper, Scissors, and Artful Blogging
    {{and my favorite hobby is??}}
  • JoAnn's to return an Ott lampbulb and a thread organizer.
    My light decided to work again, and the organizer just didn't organize my Adirondack alcohol ink
    -- and to buy keep-up-the-strapless-clothing tape,
    Scotchgard to protect the show dye,
    ten of those photo albums that hold 36 4 x 6 photos
    and more, but I sure can't remember what!
    {{Can I blame my forgetfulness on age yet??}}
I'm done.

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