Friday, August 1, 2008

No pandemonium; just s-l-o-w

My blog isn't off to an auspicious start, is it?? Not one word for two entire days! I haven't accomplished much -- I suffered through almost two hours of physical torture {AKA therapy} on Wednesday, then talked to my BFF for over an hour.

OH - before PT, in 90 mins, I got a gift card Visa to thanks my chauffeurs {Mom & Dad} for six weeks of getting me from home to PT and back. I asked the magic money machine for money and it spit some $20s out. I bought a grande mocha frappucino light, no whipped cream, and a pumpkin loaf slice; breakfast at 12:20 pm. I slipped into the no-appt nail place and had my polish changed. I love the color but forgot to check the name! THEN no - I didn't go to PT. I toured JoAnn's; I left w/ Archival Mist, which neutralizes acid in paper; TWO issues of Cloth, Paper, Scissors, someday I want to be published in a mag; and some odds, no ends though. Everything was on sale or I had a coupon. I love it when I don't pay full price. Once I left JoAnn's, I zipped to PT.

I noticed about a week ago that ever since i started one-handed typing seven weeks ago, i mispell words with double letters - mispell ends up mispeel, letter is leeter. I double the letter before the real double. totally odd. One handed typing is not enjoyable.

I take three Rx meds each day after I brush my teeth. I tired of opening five bottles every single morning, day after day, with no end in sight. So years ago I bought a weekly pill keeper. I only have to open bottles once every eight days.

Today started w/ a quick toss on of clothes and dropping off my DSs at the pool for swim practice. I only had ~90 mins so I visited two craft stores - Michael's and AC Moore. I only spent about $30 and paid full price for nothing. Then I hung out in Barnes & Noble, consuming a bagel and mocha light, no whipped cream.

Once we got home, I did my PT exercises, showered, etc. After brushing my teeth, I opened the cabinet to get Thurs' pills. UH OH; Friday's stash is gone - in addition to the days that should be gone. I have no idea when I took them.

I checked the 3 Rx drugs on line. I OD'd on two. But I didn't take all three doses together - well, I don't think so. The recommended action in both cases is to watch. I slept for 2 hrs and feel much better. I'm just hoping that I didn't Ambien-sleep take a day's dose. [Ambien-sleep-eating is a documented side effect; I've never had any problems.

It is time for me to get some sleep. Tomorrow is another pain & torture day. I PAY for this!

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