Friday, August 1, 2008

It always happens!

The phone rarely rings. I sat down at the puter and the phone rang. DD is going to be at the train station at 4pm; could I pick her up? I'd rather not drive that far, and DH can get there w/out even leaving work early.

Hung up, pondered taking phone w/ me to PC. Didn't bother. Of course - it rang again.

This time it was DS1, done early w/ swim practice, wondering if I was going to pick up him [and bike] - I'd told him I might before he left. Sure, why not?

Yes I left the phone in its cradle again.

Will pick up DS1, go get gas and some lunch, then come home. Can you tell I'm having difficulty containing my enthusiasm??

I'm betting DH will leave work early so he can come home and change before picking up DD. ooooh - maybe not. He went to work in jeans and sneaks today!! {Like he's normally stuffed in a suit w/ tie - not. Casual pants, shirt w/ open collar, 'real' shoes.}

Just realized DD talks to me in the car. Did she want me to pick her up for a reason? sigh.

I'm going to run out of here before the phone rings again!

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