Saturday, August 2, 2008

It's the first Dog-day Saturday

It's the first Dog-day Saturday, so what do I do? Spend hours tromping from store to store w/ DD. Now, I admit I was the reason for several stops. And we hit three in one mall. [blech! malls! the constant AC was welcome today.] We found dyeable strappy 1.5 - 2" heels she'll wear as one of my lil sis' bridesmaids. FIVE DOLLARS! Gotta love sidewalk sales, except by definition they're not air conditioned.

Heat + humidity + shopping = blah me. Wiped out. Glad I wasn't driving.
And that was before we arrived at the airport 30+ mins early to pick up DD's BFF.

Have you paid major airport parking fees lately? In May, I used the long-term priced as short-term parking - because *I* got lost going to the non-airport parking and time was sliding away. I forgot I was paying, not my employer. sigh. I thought the price was wrong - that was a tank of gas, not 3 days parking. Wasn't it? No.

So I directed DD to a nearby parking lot. There, we sat. Windows open, no breeze, black asphalt. For 43 minutes. We talked; no major revelations. It was HOT. Humid.

But it was NOT Houston-August-hot&humid. For that I am grateful.

We timed our arrival just right and BFF popped in the car. Silently, I applauded my decision to hang outside the airport. THE PARKING RATES WENT UP AUGUST 1! yikes. Note to self: avoid on-airport parking, enjoy gourmet dinner instead, still save money.

I'm too tired, hot, lethargic and b-o-r-e-d myself to distract anyone. I need to be nudged [ok, shoved] into action: to crank pc back in time to a restore point pre-trojan, to do my exercises for 3rd time [must do them 4x day!]

Would you tell DD & her BFF that they need to turn down the volume? there is no insulation between basement and 1st floor - or anywhere else for that matter. I told them - they vacated the basement for DD's bedroom. I guess there is some insulation - I can't hear the movie anymore.

Time to do the exercises.

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Jen said...

Hmm.Hot up there? Hot here. But you have the ocean. I'll still take there over here!

For the last week we have broken our record highs.

I dont shop in August. Its too hot!