Saturday, August 16, 2008

So many times..

I wrote posts - in my brain. When I tried to get here, I couldn't access the site, or most blogspot sites. I've been unsuccessfully fighting a trojan my dear sweet husband let in. Well, the trojan didn't hide fast enough when Microsoft Malware Removal Tool {MRT} went on the hunt. Woo-hoo, trojan GONE.

And I can post again.
Various thoughts to expand later -

  • How many Olympian medal winners train in the US?
  • How many US Olympian coaches or medal winners started in another country?
  • How long would Michael Phelps' legs be were they in proportion to his upper body?
  • Why do men eat heavy hot meals when it's summer?
Hmm... there are more....

My surgery was nine weeks ago this week, Thursday to be exact.
TODAY for the first time since surgery I:

  • slept for more than 5.5 hours straight - and did it w/out drugs
  • shaved each underarm with the other hand
  • twirled the towel around my wet hair my normal way
  • put on blue jeans; more importantly: pants with a ZIPPER
  • drove to three different stores in three towns in one trip
  • signed a credit receipt with my left hand - and my signature was normal
Banner day, I tell you.

We've been watching the Olympics. Just how many hours of 'prime time' coverage are on?? DH hasn't lasted past 11pm during the week; work interferes. Last night, I didn't last past midnight - but I have an excuse: I got a migraine. Hmm... maybe that's why I slept so long.

The boys stayed up to watch the rest. Another first! They're almost 16, so they are capable of getting themselves into bed after turning off all the lights. Another milestone checked off the list. "What list?" Ya know, I think there should be a list beyond 'first smile', 'first tooth', and all those other first year ones.

Watching Michael Phelps is quite an adrenaline rush. Especially when even his mother thinks he wins Silver. Then the board lights up: GOLD. Like, what? She sank to the floor! Our jaws dropped. When the underwater under the swimmers camera angle was shown, we finally believed Phelps really did win. By 0.01 second.

How many years has it been since we had the reliable precision to measure time in 0.01 second increments?? Yet there have been two ties for bronze in swimming alone. Two ties. wow.

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