Sunday, August 24, 2008

Time Travel OR Quirky Dating

Sometimes I copy bits from other places I post here, and save them as drafts.

So today I edited one of those drafts.
I swear that somewhere at some time I saw an option for the 'posting date'.
I searched left to right, top to bottom, one tab after another.
Nope, nada, nothing.

I polished my bits about vacuuming and hit 'publish post'.

I like seeing what I did.
I checked for my new post.
It appears before my last post.

Ya see,
Blogger used the date and time of the draft
Not the current date and time.

So, we have time travel.
My post went alllll the way back to last Saturday, August 16.

We have quirky dating
Cuz I just said so.
Publishing a post on August 23
That appears with an August 16
is just QUIRKY.

And you thought I was talking about travelling back in time to date my uncle or something.
Just software weirdness.

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