Thursday, August 28, 2008

My OWN Font? Really?

Remember calligraphy - that fancy schmancy writing done with the funky pen and ink?
It's hard to do, takes time, and well, there's no spell check or formatting or all those other gee-whiz things available today.

A friend pondered making a font of her calligraphy, but had no clue how to do so. Being curious, interested in having 'my own' font, and bored, I googled around.

I found a site that will fontify - yup, that's the word - any handwritten alphabet, either print or cursive.
The site charges $9.
For a mere NINE DOLLARS I can have my very own font? $9 to simply type my scrapbook journaling? Then have the words appear in my bestest handwriting or printing?

I can type faster than I can write neatly. I can use spell check, grammar check, and all those other checks. Wow. Just sayin'.

It's a great deal IMO. I think I'm going to have to print some of the forms and start trying to capture my bestest printing and cursive writing.

I mean, for NINE DOLLARS? Heck, I can spend more than that on LUNCH, a non-sushi lunch at that.

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