Saturday, August 16, 2008

Feet are NOT flippers.

I don't care what the commentators say. Long feet are NOT flippers. Really.

My sons, almost 16, have long feet.
For over three years, one or the other or both have had to order their sneakers: Look at the pretty pictures. Does it come in your size? Yes? Are you sure you like those? Ok, order them.
Luckily Daddy takes them shoe shopping. With checkbook in pocket. To the one local old fashioned shoe store. With catalogs available for those with hard-to-fit feet.

Maybe one, rarely both, will come home with a shoe box. They don't have many choices. They've gotten over the requirement that their shoes can't match. When each picks out the same style as THE ONLY one he'll wear, well.

Yup - DS1 wears size 12, sometimes narrow. DS2 wears size 14, narrow. They're not even 16 yrs old yet. They're still growing. They each own one pair of shoes at a time.

Their feet are DH's fault. *I* wear a size 9, narrow. OTOH, DH wears size 15 narrow. See, I told you their feet are his fault.

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Ewokgirl said...

Hi, Gypsy!

Those tall boys of yours are still growing? Wow! I had to laugh about them having to get over it if they both chose the same shoes.