Friday, August 29, 2008

labor day weekend

Friday, August 29:
  • Only six weeks until the wedding {DlilSis}.
  • Six weeks minus two days to our 25th wedding anniversary.
    Saturday DD is moving into her on-campus apartment.
  • DH and DS1 are the grunts. They will unload an Expedition-size load into the apt, then move all her summer stuff from the off-campus place to the new place.
  • Lucky them. Shucks - I won't fit in the vehicle and someone needs to drive DS2 to/from work. [not really, but that's ok].
  • DS2 is working from noon to 8pm.
That means I have the house to myself from noon to 8pm. Of course I have a 2pm eye doctor appt. But that still leaves hours!

DS2 is working 8 hrs/day through Monday, so we won't do anything special. alright, we wouldn't do anything special even if he wasn't working. Just sounds better having an excuse, kwim?

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