Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Shore - with the kiddos

I have the vivid red back to prove where I was today. It stings, though the spray blue gel does kill the pain.

The kids woke ME up! Think they wanted to go?
We gathered the required supplies. Very little compared to the younger years. We stopped at WaWa and stocked up on hoagies, Doritos and sodas.

And a bag of ice to keep things cold. I'm not sure we NEEDED ice.
The water was very cold - it reminded me of a mid-May dip many years ago.
I even walked barefoot on the sand; I don't think I've ever done that before.
I KNOW I have never done it in AUGUST.

The kids had a deck of cards, which occupied them for quite awhile.
I *think* they spent more time annoying each other, and trying to fit on one large towel.
They looked like a litter of puppies, with legs and arms going every which way.
I laughed, and took pics so I will always remember.

The high at home was 79; it's 62 right now.
I told you it was not a real August day.
Oops - I just looked again and it's now 61.

I should check a few calendars and make sure it really is August. In NJ.

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Jen said...

Ahh, I wish I was there!

I still look back on my pictures of the NJ beach in OCTOBER with fond memories!